The Woodsmen Quartet

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Derrick Boyd

Position: Tenor singer

Family members: Phyllis (Wife), Derrick, Michael, Presley Taylor & Kynston (Sons) Meghan (Daughter)


Birth Date: September 19th

Hobbies:  Refinishing furniture, Walking, Flea Markets, Sports, Playing guitar

Favorite Singer: Steve Perry

Favorite Group: The Kingsmen

Favorite foods:  Japanese, Hibachi, Chinese, Italian, Mongolian

Home Church:  Trinity Holiness Church, Lumberton, North Carolina

Hero:  (Growing up was Roger Staubach #12 Dallas Cowboys) Present day - Father in law, James Hester

How long saved? Since 1983

Testimony:  I was saved in 1983. Singing was my dream and my life and became my idol and my whole focus. I never was too involved in church or rooted in the word of God. Slowly my life started unraveling and so for 20 plus years I sang Christian music, but did not have a personal relationship with Jesus until 2013, when at my lowest I finally gave up and gave him control.